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How to Find Best Photo Worthy/ Instagrammble Places in Split City, Croatia? (part 1)

How to find best picture worthy/ instagrammble places in Split? Today I'm sharing with you my tips for finding the best locations in Split city, Croatia. I can even give you a bit of insider perspective as this is a city I was born and raised in.  I don't live there anymore, but I still visit it pretty often. If you've already visited Split or you plan to visit it again, this post might be of some interest. Some of my photography tips are pretty generic and can be applied to other towns as well. Anyway, if you are about to shot some photographs in Split, this is what I advise you to look for:  1. PORTS AND MARINAS Ports and marinas are usually more than picture worthy. What says vacation better than being surrounded by ships and yachts? Marinas and ports are dynamic places by nature, with ships always coming in and out of them. Moreover, ports and marinas convey a feeling of perpetual movement. If there is something magical about the sea, what place captures it bet