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 Hello dear readers and fellow bloggers. I hope you have had a lovely Christmas celebration (if you celebrated it yesterday that is). If you plan to spend this weekend with a book and aren't sure what book to pick, you have come to the right place for I prepared some holiday reading recommendations for you. Today I'm back with a holiday rereading list that features seven novels and one play. I tried to include something for everyone, there are classics on this list but also thrillers, SF and crime novels. If you don't have the time to read my book reviews, you can just check the titles or come back to this post when you are ready. Scroll down to see more. THE FORGER, A NOVEL BY EDGAR WALLACE 3/5   PUBLISHED IN 1927 The Forger hasn't aged well in some ways, but it is still an entertaining book to read. In terms of the writing style, The Forger is a classical murder/crime mystery. Not much attention is given to the characters themselves, there is little if any character