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Pink and orange (fashion illustration)/ roza i narančasta (modna ilustracija)

Saturday morning and that precious feeling of not being pressed for time. How lovely!
Subota ujutro i taj dragocjen osjećaj kada niste u žurbi. Divota!

Green (outfit post)/ Zelena (odjevna kombinacija)

For today's post, I'll keep it short (yesterday I felt quite inspired to write) It's been a while since I have posted an outfit post, so here is one. This dark green dress with subtle roses print I've bought in Split in moda in a week or so ago. (I would call them a lovely low cost brand but I'm not sure could 'moda in' be called a brand, it's more like a small business. I haven't seen their shops anywhere else but in Split and I think their factory is in Knin. Their prices are really low cost and most of their items costs somewhere within 5-10 euros.)

Danas nešto kraći post jer sam se jučer baš raspisala. Već neko vrijeme nisam objavila nijednu odjevnu kombinaciju, pa evo jedne koju sam nosila prije par dana. Ova tamno zelena haljina s suptilnim uzorkom ruža privukla mi je pažnju u moda in dućanu u Splitu, a općenito mi se sviđaju njihove stvari (mislim da ih se ne može nazvati brandom, već više nekom  firmicom. Mislim da šivaju u Kninu. Cijene su …

Šešir (modna ilustracija)/ A hat (fashion illustration)

“Perhaps we are in this world to search for love, find it and lose it, again and again. With each love, we are born anew, and with each love that ends we collect a new wound. I am covered with proud scars.”  Isabel Allende
" Možda smo u ovom svijeti da bi tražili ljubav, pronašli je i  izgubili je, iznova i iznova. S svakom ljubavi, ponovno se rađamo i s svakom ljubavlju koja završi dobijemo novu ranu. Ja sam puna ponosnih ožiljaka." - Isabel Allende I've started this post with the words of an author that is very close to my heart. This illustration is not my attempt to draw Isabel but since her words as well as the characters in her novels (among which there are many fascinating and  surreal women) have got stuck in my head it would come as no surprise to me it if some of them got tangled in the nets of my imagination. In fact, all of the South American writers that I have had the chance to read have something magical and attractive in their writing and by that I don'…

pastels colours / pastelne boje

Pastel hair, pastel make up, pastel clothes, pastel everything...the pastels colours are in again. What do you think about them? What is your pastel colour of choice? Which one was your favourite when you were a child? I think mine was pink, a predictable choice ...that is after all what most girls say when you asked them about their favourite colours. I find that there is something relaxing in the pastel colours. In addition, there is a lot of potential for subtle and elegant looks to be found in pastel colours. Spring is making me feel both quite hyperactive and really tired this year, so the relaxation offered by the gentle shades is more than welcome.  
Pastelna kosa, pastelna šminka, pastelna odjeća...ponovo su popularne pastelne boje. Što mislite o njima? Koja je vaša najdraža pastelna boja? Koja vam je bila najdraža kad ste bili dijete? Mislim da je moja bila roza, predvidljiv izbor jer to je ipak što većina djevojčica kaže kad ih se pita za omiljenu boju. Mislim da ima nešto r…

Photography (and DIY headpiece) / Fotografija i uradi sam ukras za kosu

Today it is time for photography again. Having lived next to such a beautiful river for some time, I can entirely understand Tolkien's fascination with rivers and fully appreciate those extremely poetic descriptions of the rivers in the mythological and fantasy world of his creation. As the month is coming to its end, I always remember all the things that I wanted to share with you on this little blog of mine, but there just isn't a time or a place for all of them. (and I yet have to find and post photos of some DIY stuff). This last photograph is of a DIY that I have already posted about (necklace that can serve both as a headpiece), but one more feature won't hurt. The spring is in fool bloom along with temperatures that are more appropriate for the summer. Sudden changes of temperatures are always stressful for our immune system, so try to take as good care of yourselves as you possibly can in this period. The health risk is especially great for those in the areas that…

Fashion illustration (yellow and green) / Modna ilustracija (žuta i zelena)

I always liked high waist clothes. I just find them to be not just more convenient (not worries about what might pop out if you know what I mean) and more comfortable than low waist clothing but also better looking and more stylish. ( I've even read some articles that state that low-rise jeans are bad for one's health. I'm not sure is that true but it gives you something to think about.). However, that doesn't mean that I'm saying a categorical no to let's say low waist jeans (they do look nice on some people), but they will never be my first choice. This illustration features a pair of green high waisted pants worn with a yellow shirt which I think would make for a really cute and retro outfit. Speaking of high rise clothing, I must add how much I like the trend of cropped tops and high waisted midi skirts, I think it's a fabulous way to show a bit of skin in a classy way.

Uvijek mi se sviđala odjeća visokog struka. Čini mi se ne samo praktičnom ( bez brig…

Photography (Mostar)/ Fotografija (Mostar)


Split city (an illustration and photography)/ grad Split (ilustracija i fotografija)

If I write something, I fear it will happen, and if I love too much, I fear I will lose that person; nevertheless, I cannot stop writing or loving...” 
― Isabel AllendePaula

Today I have been sewing (embroidery) so much that I'm literally in pain right now. I can barely move my right hand. Still, it was worth it. Like most of my hobbies, sometimes it really helps me to clear my head...and not every pain is a bad one...and as Isabel Allende notices, it's hard to stop doing something that you love...

Danas sam šivala cijeli dan (vez) tako da me sada ruke stvarno bole, desnom jedva mičem. Ipak vrijedilo je. Kao većina mojih hobija, ponekad mi stvarno pomaže razbistriti misli...i kao što Isabel Allende primjećuje, teško je prekinuti raditi nešto što voliš...

Outfits of the week/ Odjevne kombinacije tjedna

Thank you lovely ladies ( fashion and lifestyle bloggers)  for being so inspirational! I think I can honestly say I prefer blogs to magazines...and speaking of blogs, happy blog birthday once again to Tijana and Barbara!  Usually this post (my picks of the week) is reserved for Sunday but since I haven't been feeling that great I think it's better I post it tonight. Who knows if and when will I be able to get out of bed tomorrow.
Drage blogerice, hvala vam na nadahnuću! Mislim da mogu iskreno reći da više uživam čitati blogove nego  modnim časopisima...a govoreći o blogovima, sretan blogorođendan još jednom Tijani i Barbari. Obično je ovaj post sa mojim odabirima tjedna rezerviran za nedjelju, ali ne osjećam se nešto najbolje pa je možda bolje da ga danas objavim. Tko zna kada (i ako uopće) ću se sutra izvući iz kreveta.