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Kravice falls - rainy vs. sunny (travel post) / Slapovi Kravice...kad je kiša i kad je sunce (putopis)

Kravice Falls...the place to visit, no matter the season (or the weather conditions). Even when it's rainy, it's a special  and beautiful place to be. I guess I could have named this post "one location, five outfits" but really the emphasis is on location today. Perhaps I should have titled this post four seasons because I have presented them all: winter, spring, summer and autumn. I won't write much, because I'm sharing quite a few photographs (20 if I counted them right), I'll just say this place always makes me feel unreasonable happy . I mean I've been to many beautiful places, yet this one has a special place in my heart.  Slapovi Kravice, to mjesto vrijedi posjetiti bez obzira na vremenske prigode. Čak i kada pada kiša biti tamo je prelijepo i posebno. Mogla sam nazvati post i "jedno mjesto pet odjevnih kombinacija#( ili koliko već), ali stvarno je naglasak na mjestu, ne na onome što nosim.

Interview with Aneta/ Intervju s Anetom

ENG Hi, dear readers. Today I'm interviewing +Aneta Niezgoda   from . All the photographs in this post are from her site and the photography rights belong to her. -When did you decided to start your blog and why? I love fashion all my life. I always dreamed that I would be working as a fashion journalist. And in some way my dream comes true. I'm journalist, but not in fashion magazine. When there were the first fashion blogs, I thought it was something for me.  I show street looks. I was inspired especially by Sartorialist blog. At first I ran a blog on the portal, where I worked. For over a year I moved to blogspot. -What kind of photography inspires you? I  surf mainly the street fashion blogs that shows everyday styling. It is a huge source of inspiration. I love to see how people interprete  trends in their own way. Of course, also look through fashion magazines like Vogue, Harpers Ba