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Hello dear readers and fellow bloggers. Today I'm taking you to a small Croatian seaside city- Biograd na Moru. Quite a long name for a city. Literally translated it means- a white city on the sea. It's a Mediterranean pearl of a city for sure. Located in immediate vicinity of Zadar city, it is a great place to spend one's vacation. Apart from  its history and culture, Biograd na Moru is known for its beautiful beaches and delicious cuisine.  There are many wonderful restaurants there. Our stay was quite short, so we tried only two of them but we enjoyed our dinning experience there. You can find more information about this touristic city on its official site Biograd na Moru.  Scroll bellow to read more about our stay in this wonderful coastal town.  WE SURE ENJOYED OUR VISIT AND I FOUND INSPIRATION FOR MORE BOAT PAINTINGS! We thoroughly enjoyed our walk in the marine. What a great place for a boat lover! You  know that I'm a boat lover because I keep painting boats. Mo