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Advent in Split/ Advent u Splitu

 As far as I'm concerned, Santa can keep all the snow for himself. This is my kind of Advent. Split city soaked in sunshine. Mediterranean Christmas is my kind of Christmas. Sunshine, sunshine and more sunshine....I couldn't be happier about the amount of sunshine we've been having. Now, about the outfit. My foot is still swollen and walking is still quite paintful. Dr. Martens boots  and startas sneakers are the only pairs of shoes that I can wear and I'll probably be wearing them for a while. I've been living in dr.martens boots and startas sneakers for the last ten days. There is no indication that my foot will get better anytime soon, but at least nothing is broken. Things will return to normal sooner or later. In the meantime, life without heels has been strange. I was so used to wearing them all the time, I feel like I have lost my balance. We're all creatures of habit sometimes. Što se mene tiče, djed Božičnjak može zadržati za sebe sav snijeg. Ovo