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Why talking about chronic/invisible/ incurable illness can be difficult and challenging at best of times?

Talking about chronic and/or invisible illnesses can be a real  challenge To say that talking about chronic illnesses is a challenge is probably an understatement. At times, I find the whole process of talking about it rather nerve-wracking for a variety of reasons. Both as a person who suffers from a chronic illness and a person who knows a lot of people who suffer from chronic illnesses I find this theme very difficult at times and really challenging at the best of time. This text will be written mostly from a perspective of someone living with a chronic illness, but it will by no means be a representative for everyone. I’m still trying to figure out things myself. Talking about chronic and/ or invisible illness can be really hard. I’ve agonized over this theme a lot. Believe it or not, mostly it is not about how it will make me feel. I think that I often end up avoiding this subject not so much for myself, but because I worry how it will make others feel.  If you really t