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human trafficking

Today is the international day against human trafficking and there are a few things I want to say about that. I don't have the time to take my pic with the heart sign or anything like that as I'm right now in the process of packing. Anyhow, I think that what I'm about to say is as a good way of paying tribute to this day as any other. You see, this is subject I have often thought about and I still often think about. The issue of slavery and its occurrence trough history has been something of a obsession of mine. I've literally spend years of my life thinking about colonialism and slavery and basically about the way it has influenced the world we live in. I won't get into colonialism or post colonialism right now, but let's say that this is a matter I have given great though. However, as it usually happens with me, not only did it take some time for the things to fall into place and rearrange themselves in this mind of mine but I need a piece of literature to