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My new creation and restaurant recommendation / moja nova kreacija i preporuka restorana

Lately I've been trying to make post titles as descriptive as possible. Just to let you know what you can expect. :):):) What do I mean when I say 'my new creation' you may ask? My new creation is this necklace. I use to make all kinds of jewellery pieces but for the last few years I've been more focused on making necklaces. I made a lot of necklaces like this one, if you want to see more you can check out these old posts ( here ,   here , here,  and here ). All you need for this DIY is faux leather, satin cord and rhinestones. I wouldn't call this DIY a difficult one. However, it does take some time and it requires having at least basic sewing skill. How do you like my new necklace? Now, about the outfit. I wore it for lunch with my husband. Speaking of which, I would like to make a little restaurant recommendation. What restaurant do I recommend today? Well, this one . It is called Stefanijo setali┼íte and it is located in one of my favourite streets in Mostar cit