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Sunny days / Sunčani dani

I used to hate Winter, but somehow that changed. It was a suble change but a permant one. Now I really enjoy cold and sunny days. I have another confession to make. I actually wore this outfit about a month ago but I forgot to post it. On that particular day the weather was the same as today, kind of cold but sunny. This outfit is perfect for those kind of days. Furthermore, lately I've been wearing variations of this outfit quite frequently. The only thing I change these days are the shoes. I like to stay warm and this long puffer really keeps me feeling nice and cozy. You'll be seeing a lot of this puffer this month. These photographs were taken in Mostar, BIH. Nekada sam mrzila zimu, ali to se nekako promijenilo, a bila je to suptilna promjena koja je postala trajnom. Sada doista uživam u ovim hladnim i sunčanim danima. Moram još nešto priznati. Nosila sam ovu kombinaciju prije mjesec dana (zaboravila sam je tada objaviti), na dan koji je bio prohladan i sunčan kao dana