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Hello! How are you doing? Today I feel very happy. Earlier today, I saw a post on Akiko's blog Kimono Snack in which she modelled a t-shirt with my fashion illustration . I love how she styled this t-shirt. Akiko wore it with a beautiful blue cardigan (that I illustrated in one of my Inspired by posts ) and chic jeans. It's so cool to see somebody wearing my fashion illustration. Akiko also framed a few illustrations I sent to her .  So, that was really neat to see as well. It is always wonderful to see my art hanging in a new home.  KIMONO SNACK BLOG This design you can see on the t-shirt is a combination of a traditional (coloured pencil) illustration and digital art. Above you can see the painting process and how I got to this fantasy illustration. This design is available in my Redbubble shop under the name 'Take Me to the Moon'.  I think I was a bit inspired by Sinatra's hit 'Fly Me to the Moon', one of my favourite songs performed by this legendary s