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uljane boje (Anđeli s neba nježnim rukama...)/ oil paints (Angels from the sky with gentle hands...)

'Angels from the sky with gentle hands,  are lowering frozen starts on the ground, taking great care not to awake my precious.'                                                                line from a poem by Dragutin Tadijanović This angel came to be the same evening (night) when I've painted a blue lady and lots of other portraits. It was a productive evening/night. The lines I have opened this post with are that of a well know  poem  from Croatian literature... Late into the night, into the white winter  night  is a poem that speaks of a mother (perhaps my personal favourite as poems dedicated to mothers go) that weaves late into the winter night...My warm summer nights seem much more pleasant though perhaps they're just as restless and in some ways just as calm. (If you want to read my translation of the poem scroll down) Ovaj anđeo je nastao iste večeri (noći) kada i Plava dama i cijela serija portreta. Bila je to stvaralačka veče

Share in style: denim

Today I'm joining in Share - in - style and if you want to do join in, go here . Danas se pridružujem blogerskom stilskom usklađivanju, a ako vi to želite otiđite tu . I don't publish my outfits posts that often anymore, but I wanted to join this share in style, so this would be it. Jeans with a bit of DIY (painted abstract pattern) that I've worn many times would be the denim element in this outfit. I actually got them from some kid that grew out of them. Despite being a bit over 5.9 ft tall (5.9 1/2 I think) I sometimes almost feel short for Slavic standards. I actually know a ton of girls and women who are a lot taller than me and I think it's fabulous ( though I'm sure that buying clothes isn't easy for them). Ne objavljujem više često odjevne kombinacije, ali htjela sam se pridružiti ovom stilskom druženju. Traperice sa naslikanim abstraktnim uzorkom (malo uradi sam štiha) ispunjavaju temu koja je denim. Ne znam jesam li to spomenula, ali ove trape