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Outfit Proposal: Heels Worn With a Parsley Print Skirt

I'm having so much fun shopping my own closet right now, that I'm not even sure how I will ever get back to regular shopping or will I. Not too long ago, I wrote about why shopping our closet is ecological and ethical thing to do (you can read that post here ). In the meantime,  I've enjoyed shopping my closet more than ever before. Perhaps it is because Spring is finally here and I'm feeling those spring vibes. Not that I'm preaching this approach or anything like that. Everyone knows what is best for them and if buying new pieces regularly is a part of your style, that's perfectly alright. Rather than to preach anything, it was my intention to share what works for me personally. I find that shopping my own closet helps me feel less stressed and more in control of my wardrobe, but that might be just me. That all being said, I do believe there are some clear benefits to re- wearing clothes, and that was the point of that rather long article I wrote. Anyhow, I&#