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Fashion illustration of the day (flared sleeves and heels) / Modna ilustracija dana (široki rukavi i visoke potpetice)

Today I'm back with another fashion illustration. This one was inspired by one of my old outfits. I drew it back it 2017, but I didn't manage to post it before. The medium is watercolour (and pencil) on paper. It features an outfit composed of a denim skirt, a flared sleeved top and heels. I love denim skirts, but this one especially. I have had it for a while now and I still wear it regularly.  How do you like denim skirt? Do you own one?  Another thing I love is flare sleeves and heels. Nothing like them to add some drama in an outfit. As long as I'm remembering about this outfit, I might also mention this caramel bag. It proved to be a good purchase. It is surprising how caramel seems to go well with everything. I told you (in my last post) that I've been craving red lately. I'm trying to come up with a lovely red outfit so do wish me luck. Thank you for reading and  have a lovely day!  Inspiration behind this illustration  here