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Breast cancer pink ribbon manicure / Roza vrpca i borba protiv raka dojke

I've seen that a lot of bloggers are doing this manicure to raise awareness about the breast cancer and I thought it to be a great idea, so I've decided to join it. Better late than never, some say. My manicure wasn't really a success, I don't have a pink nail-polish (odd right?) so I had to mix the white and the red one and it turn out a bit messy, but in this case it is the thought that counts, right? On other note, I have sad news to share with you though I don't really feel like talking about it. However, since most of you often ask about my dog (German Shepard puppy) I think I have to tell you that she is not with us anymore. When I got back from the wedding I attended this Saturday, I've found her poisoned. Before we could even get the vet on phone, she was dead. You can imagine how terrible it was to see the poor animal suffer and not being able to do anything about it. Vidjela sam da je puno blogerica radilo ovu manikuru za podizanje svijesti o r