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On The Road by Jack Kerouac (book review and outfit post)

  When I picked up On the Road the first thing that struck me was the unique way it was written. I was mesmerized by the Kerouac's prose that felt so much as poetry. The novel is dynamic, one event happening after another, one crisis followed by another.  If you miss even one paragraph (because your mind wonders someplace else) , you may totally got lost in the events. There is something very raw about this novel, perhaps because it was supposedly written in only 3 weeks. This strange mix of poetry and rawness really fascinated me. Naturally, I knew about Kerouac, the beat generation and all that. I read with fascination and interest until I felt that something was bugging me. Something didn't feel right. What is that, you might ask? The novel is brilliantly written, the characters feel very much alive and there is so much freshness in it. You can almost hear the jazz music, smell the fresh morning air somewhere in Am