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Making of a painting (green eyes ) / Pravljenje slike (zelenooka)

First of all, thank you for your feedback about what femininity means to you, I really appreciate it.  My thoughts on this subject are very much like your own. I might write more about that some day, but for today I have actually prepared and planned something else. So, let's talk about my painting of the day. Some people asked me (a while back) to explain my drawing/painting process, so I decided to make a few videos. I already posted some of them on YouTube and I will probably make and post a few more. I don't think I'm really qualified to make art tutorials, so this is more a 'making of' for the benefit of those of you who are curious to see it. Painting is a subject I'm still learning about. If you want, we can study together, but it is not something I can teach yet. I'm qualified to teach and I actually studied to be a teacher but not an art teacher. I have my degree (and state certificate) in something else (I bet it isn't hard to guess what t