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This pair of white trainers is more than eight years old. They appeared on one of the first posts on my blog back in 2012. You know, when I bought this pair of white sneakers years ago, I planned  to wear them mostly for jogging. Even thought I started to pair these sneakers with dresses quite early on, before it was trendy and all, I didn't expect to wear them this much. I remember how people commented that it was an odd combo, running sneakers and girly dresses, but perhaps I was a bit ahead of my time back then. This was all years ago before dad sneakers reappeared and rose in popularity. I remember being both repelled and attracted by the ugly sneaker trend. I'm still not sure how I feel about it, sometimes I hate ugly sneakers (especially the big ones), sometimes I love them. Who would have thought back then that ugly sneakers trend will last this long? Whatever you think about them, there is no doubt that many pairs of dad sneakers are extremely comfortable, especially th