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Sketch and DIY of the day / Skica i DIY dana

Hello! Today I'm sharing one sketch that is accompanied by a message and a DIY. The message on the sketch is pretty self explanatory. We often think we know better but then we realize that we don't. However, life is all about learning from our mistakes so there is nothing else to do but to try again and believe that some day we'll truly know better.
As far as DIY goes, it's pretty simple. I  have sewn these little hearts onto this striped top yesterday because I wanted to cover up little holes that were beginning to form on it. You know when you manage to find a cotton t-shirt that is really made from cotton and then you wash it a few times only to discover those annoying little holes forming? Well, here is a solution for it. A solution that is very low cost and not time consuming at all...In fact, all you need is a needle, thread, a bit of material and about five minutes of your time.
Zdravo! Danas s vama dijelim jednu skicu praćenu s porukom i uradi sam projektom. Poru…

Illustrations and sketches of the day/ Ilustracije i skice dana