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Hi there! Here is an outfit I wore for a walk by the sea in Split , Croatia. All of the items in this outfit are from my closet, nothing is new.I have had this grey dress for years and like  Sheila  I love dresses with   pockets. There is a DIY element to it as well, because I painted flowers on this dress with textile paints.  The dress is a bit on the short side so I typically pair it with leggings.  That's what I did for this stroll by the seaside. Anyhow, I promised to write more about the vaccination process in Split. I will not offer any advice, as that is something only a medical professionals can do. I'm also not advocating for either option either. Generally speaking, I'm in favour of vaccinations because they save lives, but I understand people's divided opinions as there are many strange things about this pandemic. Besides the fact that everyone's situation is different, there's also the fact of this not being a regular situation at all. I don't b