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How to dress feminine for spring? An easy way to do it is to turn to vintage inspired clothing. A nice blazer and a dress will always take you far, but can you turn to this outfit formula even when it comes to spring showers? I think you can, but it will also depend on how much rain we're talking about. Layering is always a good idea (hence the blazer), especially if the rainy days happen to be a bit fresh as well. Not all spring days are sunny and warm, some of them are cloudy, rainy and not that warm. Not that I really mind, because you know what they say- April showers bring May flowers. We had some rainy days both in April and May, so today we're going to talk about rainy day outfits. My  of the day outfit was not intended as a rainy day look, I got dressed while it was cloudy, but I didn't actually expect rain (or I wouldn't have worn these leopard heels). Fortunately I had my umbrella with me so I didn't get wet. Apart from my heels, the rest of the outfit i…