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Yesterday I came back from Split city (Croatia) just in time for the devastating (6 magnitude) earthquake that stroke Bosnia and Herzegovina around 11 pm. We've experienced two more strong earthquakes during the night and early morning. I suppose we can expect more smaller earthquakes during the following days. No shortage of tragic and dramatic news this spring, right? Well, what can we do? As the ending of The Great Gatsby so eloquently put it: "We beat on, boats against the current...." Let us just hope we are not "borne ceaselessly into the past" while we do it, but rather able to forge some destiny for ourselves in the future.  In this post, I'll share with you two leather and striped outfits. April has almost come to an end and we're still relying on leather items to keep us warm. On the upper side, we can wear our leather outwear as much as we want and even have fun with layering our outfits. I've been quite keen on the leather trend. I plan