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winter is in the air

A part of me wishes that I can tell you that the spring is in the air but alas I very much feel the cold.  The other part of me doesn't really care that much about the low temperatures because I know I can always dress warmly. It is not like I have to worry about freezing to death. Cold just means more clothes and more clothes sometimes equals more fun. The glass is always half full, right? Anyway, I think what bugs us about winter is not so much cold as the absence of sun. On a sunny day I always feel like it is spring even when it is cold...and there is more to spring than just warm weather. It is as everything is coming to life again. Still, a part of me responds to the serenity of the winter. How do you feel about it? Dressing colourfully can be just what we need in winter. The photo is taken indoors in company of some M.M posters. Like many, I have a thing for this iconic lady.  Marilyn Monroe said : " A sex symbol becomes a thing. I hate to be a thing.&quo