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The Golden Compass/ Northern Lights: His Dark Materials book recommendation and review / Ogled i preporuka knjige: Sjeverna svjetla/ Zlatni kompas

Today I'm doing a book review and outfit post together. Seeing that I had the book at hand when these images were taken, I don't see why not but first things first. I've read this book fairly recently, only a few days ago and it is very fresh in my mind. Not that I would have mattered if I had read it a long time ago, my memory is phenomenal when it comes to books, I wish it was so efficient in other aspects of my life. I more likely to forget somebody's name in real life, that a name of a fictional character. Why my brain works that way I haven't the slightest clue. Let's get back to this post. The location is, once again, Buna river in vicinity of Mostar. Most of these photographs were taken in restaurant and motel Kolo. You can see some of my previous posts about river Buna here , here , here and here . I'm obviously there a lot. It makes sense it being so near Mostar, doesn’t it?  Danas je na rasporedu ogled knjige i odjevna objava. Budući da mi j