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What was I thinking? (outfit post)/ Što mi je bilo? ( odjevna objava)

dress/haljina: no name, sandale/ sandals: Peko, bag/torba : second hand (vintage), watch/sat: vintage What was I thinking? In my defense, this outfit looked much better in my head. I've worn this floral dress a number of times and you must have noticed it for it was featured quite often on this blog. Not surprisingly, I wanted to try something new, something other that pairing it with another pair of heels. I mean doesn't the pink shade of these leggings match the pink floral print on this dress perfectly or what?  Yet, somehow it just doesn't work. That's my impression after seeing these photographs anyway. Maybe I'm also influenced by the fact that something bad happened on this seemingly innocent April day. What are your thoughts on this one?  Is this outfit a big no...or is it ok? Što mi je bilo? U mojoj glavi ova je odjevna kombinacija izgledala sasvim pristojno, samo ću to reći u svoju obranu. Nosila sam ovu cvjetnu haljin

Illustration of the day/ Ilustracija dana

kemijska Nobody believes in you? all the better! You can catch them all by surprise! Nitko ne vjeruje u tebe? još bolje! Možeš ih sve iznenaditi!