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Layering a Yellow Summer Dress in Summer? Outfit Proposal of the Day

Happy Monday lovely people! Remember my post about the art of layering a summer dress in summer? Well, if you don't, you can always refresh your memory here . One of my tricks for layering a summer dress is very simple: wrap a shirt around it. There is something so nineties about that, right? I don't mind because I love the nineties. You can also wrap a long sleeve tee around your waist, but there is something about wrapping a shirt that really appeals to me. As we all know, it can get very hot during the summer. That is why it is important to pay attention to the fabrics we wear. Take this outfit, for example. I'm wearing a cotton dress paired with a cotton shirt. By relying on cotton materials, I managed to layer my summer outfit without risking being too warm. The necklace I'm wearing is my own creation. It is made from up-cycled faux leather and rhinestones but since the necklace isn't enormous, it didn't make me uncomfortable. I like statement neckla