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Plastic Bag DIY Project + How To Style Socks With Heels?

How do you feel about the transparent plastic bag trend? I must admit that I still have mixed feelings about this trend. I do wear plastic bags. What is there not to love about plastic bags? Like many others, I like plastic bags because they are practical and low maintenance. I bought my beloved yellow plastic bag years ago ( here  and here ) but I'm not so sure about the transparent bag trend. However, there is a way to work around it. You can wear a smaller bag,a pouch or a container inside of the transparent bag, thus preventing the others to see what exactly you have in your bag. I do like the transparent/ sheer trend. I think that just like with any other trend, you can always find ways to make it more suitable for yourself and your own personal sense of style. You can decide what it is that you want to show. You should never wear something that doesn't make you feel better. Anything that makes you feel uncomfortable is always a no. That's the only fashion rule I sw