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Anya and Her Wings / Anja i njena krila (book review and recommendation/ ogled knjige i preporuka)

A package from Amazon arrived at my door two days ago.  I was so happy when my husband brought the package in ( the postman didn't bother to ring the door, he just left it there), because I was extremely eager to read this book- and I knew what the package contained because it is the first thing I've ever ordered from Amazon.  Speaking of firsts, this is the first time I'm reviewing a book from a fellow blogger so that's an added bonus too. This book was written by Natalia Lianina and illustrated by her brother Andrei Lialin. I've been following Natalia's blog  in the writer's closet  for a while now. I find her blog to be very inspirational and creative space and I would certainly recommend everyone to visit it. Right now there is a fashion link up at her blog, so do check it out. Anyone is invited to join in. Perhaps some of you (those of you with a good memory) may even remember that I took part in Natalia's writing link up? A while back, I also did

Inspired by...Nicoleta Buru

 EN Time for another Inspired by post. The medium is watercolours on paper. This time I illustrated Nicoleta Buru from reinvent yourself blog. I think this is the first time that I illustrated Nicoleta. The first one is always the hardest, it gets easier with time. I'm always nervous when I illustrate someone for the first time, but I think one was turned out alright. Actually, I quite like this illustration of mine, if I may say so.  It is great being able to join my love for fashion illustrations with my love for fashion bloggers. I graduated from my art class last month (hurray!) and I made the decision to continue taking art classes. So, this February I will be spending one evening a week in Michelangelo gallery. I didn't take a course in fashion illustrating (yet), but I did started following Zoe Hong on YouTube and her tutorials are really helpful. Besides that, I've been practicing. That means you can expect to see more art work around here. Thank you for