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Hello dear readers! Today we'll be hacking Monica Bellucci's style secrets. Monica Bellucci is an Italian actress loved by D&G duo and Dior. She is known for having a very feminine style of dressing. First we will identify the key items in Monica's closet and then we are going to examine and hack her style secrets. I already wrote a bit about her style when I analyzed Malena's (character played by Monica Bellucci) wardrobe . The reasons why I have decided to write about her again is because I think Monica Bellucci has a very classical style of dressing that is quite ageless and universally flattering. In fact, you probably already have at least one of Monica's Bellucci key items in your closet.  KEY ITEMS IN MONICA'S CLOSETS The key items in Monica's closet are classical ones. That is what makes her style easy to emulate. Items such as a black dress, a white shirt, a tailored suit, a leopard item and a floral dress are really items most of u