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How To Dress Casual But Still Look Feminine? Two Outfits + Streetart Mostar

 I'm a big fan of street art, so when  I spotted these lovely murals, we just had to stop and take a few photographs. Do you like street art?  Do you want to see Mostar's murals? Well, if you do, you have certainly came to a right place. Moreover, if you want, you can also check out my old posts featuring Mostar street art here , here , here and here . So, I had already blogged about Mostar's street art four times! I guess this city has some pretty cool street art and I love showcasing it. Does that mean that I like to pretend I'm a tourist guide? Perhaps it does. Last Summer while I was showing one girl around Mostar, I also showed her a lot of street air and she really loved it. She said this was the beautiful city in this region she  had visited so far, and she had visited plenty. Anyway, I do like showing Mostar around.  Maybe it is my way of embracing be a tourist in your own city movement? I do believe that no matter how small or big our the city or village we