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Inspired by....Nadahnuta sa....

Seven fashion bloggers are featured in this post. All of the illustration I have made today (and let me tell you I have a terrible backache...scroll down to see if it was worth it....) Sedam modnih blogerica je uključeno u ovaj post. Sve sam ilustracije danas napravila ( i da vam kažem leđa me nastavite sa čitanjem i vidite je li vrijedilo toga) My illustration/ Moje ilustracije We shall start with  +Fabrizia Spinelli   Inspired by / Nadahnuta sa.... my fashion illustration (water colours)/ moja modna ilustracija (vodene bojice) Fabrizia  Inspired by Fabrizia and her post Pastel shades . The illustration  itself is an attempt to illustrate the post, not just the look, so original text is also included.                            __________________________________________________ Next one is  +Kizzy Von Doll wate