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EN Hello dear readers! I was thinking of taking a break from art  related projects but then I decided not to and ended up doing even more art related projects. If I seem distracted or not myself in the future, that's probably the reason-  I'm really focusing on developing my art muscles right now and all the other stuff is sort of in the background. So, today I'm back with some more Christmas inspired fashion illustrations to get you and me in the mood for the holidays. The medium for these fashion drawings is mostly coloured pencils but I used markers on some of them as well. In addition,  I played a bit with digital effects. The illustrations are mostly done in fashion illustration style, girls wearing flowers or gifts and that kind of stuff. I'm working on improving the way I illustrating movement, so I made some of these for practice- and some of them I made for fun. My favourite is the girl in a red mini dress and stilettoes.  Which one is your favourite? Scroll do