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Yesterday the two of us got back from visiting Croatia. We managed to get a lot of things done, so I could say it was a successful trip. We both got vaccinated with the first dose of vaccine while we were in Croatia and we will go back for a second one in about a month.  If you want me to write about the vaccination in Croatia some more, let me know in the comments and I will cover this subject some time in the future. I have an immune illness so explaining my decision with regards to vaccination would take a lot of space and I would need to devote a special post to this subject. While we were in Croatia, I didn't manage to find time to work on my art, but I took four paintings with me. I gifted three of my new canvas (I haven't showed all of them to you yet) and shipped one canvas that I sold to London. The shipping process proved less complicated in Croatia, so that is why I decided to carry my canvases with me. Today I will show you two things: some of my portrait art/illust