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Hello there, dear visitors of this digital place I call my own! Today I'm back with two fashion sketches, in case yesterday's post wasn't enough. What can I say? I like fashion sketching and I have challenged myself to fill out my new sketch book as soon as possible, so why not have another Inspired by ... post? As some of you know, Inspired by... is a regular feature on my blog where I recommend and illustrate bloggers. This time I illustrated Ann from blog Polyester Princess and Sheila from blog Ephemera . The medium for both of these fashion illustrations is coloured pencils on paper (AF format) and I used a photograph reference from the above mentioned blogs (linked up above). Speaking of that, you can see Ann's outfit in more detail here and Sheila's outfit here  (links are to outfit posts).  MORE POSTS FROM THE INSPIRED BY... FEATURE BELLOW INSPIRED BY VIX (MOST RECENT ONE) INSPIRED BY SHANAZ AND MARISA (2020) INSPIRED BY FASHION BLOGGERS 2016 INSPIRED BY S