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Inspired by....Nadahnuta s........

At the moment, I'm fighting between my desire to sleep and my desire to blog. I'm sure you fellow bloggers understand me. It doesn't help that I stayed up late sewing last night. My desire to blog has won over! Who needs sleep? Pfff! I'm just kidding, naturally. I wish I was one of those people that can cope well with a lack of sleep but I look ghastly if I don't get enough sleep. More importantly, I don't feel like myself. Yet sometimes we must go where inspiration takes us even if that means zombi mode the next day. What was I going to say? You see, even my eloquence has suddenly abandoned me. So, let's take it lightly this evening. It's time for one of my favourite features on this blog and that is Inspired by.  I'm very happy because I managed to keep this feature on my blog for so long. If you're not familiar with it, it's pretty simple. In this feature I post my paintings of bloggers that inspired me. This time I'm posting six pain