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Here comes the Summer sun (outfit post) / Evo ljetnog sunca (odjevna objava)

jeans: Amadeus ( Croatian brand), rest: non branded/ Traperice : Amadeus, ostalo nije markirano Well, these photographs are actually from last summer. However, this is pretty much what I'm wearing these days. My hair is slightly shorter and that's the only difference in my appearance. I haven't started wearing hats yet, but I'm considering it and  I'm doing my best to dress accordingly to the weather. The weather is very hot and it is safe to say that the Summer has arrived here. The river you can see on the photographs is Neretva. It may look like I'm in some exotic place but actually this is Mostar city, a rather green place, especially in the areas near its rivers (yes, there is more than one river in this city...there are five of them actually, but Neretva just happens to be the most spectacular one) where you can see lots of ducks and birds. Dobro, ove fotografije su od prošlog ljeta, ali doista ovo je otprilike što nosim zadnjih dana.