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Showing posts from January 25, 2019


Hello darlings. Today I'm back with another fashion drawing.  This time I was inspired by Valentino Spring 2019 couture collection. My verdict? Pierpaolo Piccioli has created a truly breath-taking collection! Have you per chance seen it? It's all over social media. I think it's great that people are getting that excited about couture fashion again. I do like couture fashion. The best couture collections always make you feel like you have stepped into a fairy tale. In addition, it is fascinating to see all those magnificent gowns, isn't it? I suppose part of couture's appeals lies into recreating that 'modern princess' feeling. When you look at a couture collection, you can be pretty sure that these are some carefully constructed garments. You know you're seeing gowns and creations that someone has put so much effort into. I do enjoy seeing couture collections mainly because they are often very theatrical, both in design and in feeling. It is not so muc…