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Hello lovely people!  Today I'm taking you to Trogir city. I visited this lovely Croatian city two days ago with some friends. We had a nice time.  It's lovely seeing the streets full of life and people again.  All the restaurants were full but somehow we managed to find a place for us in a small bistro in the marine on island Ciovo. In case you haven't visited before, there is a bridge connecting island Ciovo and Trogir city. I forgot the name of this small restaurant but I will add it if I remember it.    I will share both photographs I took two days ago and some from my previous visits. It is always a pleasure to visit Trogir.   This city has got a lot going for it. Trogir has one of the best preserved Romanesque- Gothic complexes in Europe. The city can boost with numerous historical landmarks. It has a high concentration of historical churches, towers, structures and a fortress. Literally, every where you look, you'll be beholding history. The city cathedral is esp