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Body Perception: To Talk About It Or Not To talk About It? / Percepcija tijela: razgovarati o njoj ili ne?

Recently, I've been thinking  about body perception and body positivity a lot. As much as I'm all for body positive movements and  diversity, I felt like we were perhaps talking about it too much. I wondered is it really true that everyone is unhappy with their body or is just a fashionable topic these days. I questioned whether we need that much talk about our bodies. Everyone and their grandmother talked about their struggle with accepting their body and I wasn't sure do we really need it- or to be more precise I wasn't sure do we need that kind of amount of that kind of talk. To be honest, I'm still not sure. What kind of role models are we ladies being for girls (young girls and little ones) if all we talk about is our body? What about our intellects? What about our tastes? What about our soul? Are we sending them a message that we're ultimately only a body? That it is all it matters? U zadnje vrijeme dosta razmišljam o percepciji tijela i pozitivnom od