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How to spice up an outfit with a scarf? (...and revisiting Medugorje) Kako začiniti odjevnu kombinaciju s rubcem? (...i ponovni posjet Međugorju)

Medjugorje in Herzegovina, a little village, but visited by millions every year. We're there fairly often, sometimes as much as a few times a month. In immediate vicinity of the church in Medjugorje you can find this little ethno village that still isn't open for business but you can visit it anyway, just to admire it---as we did last week! It is close to our friend's place. The first time my husband was here was quite a long time ago, when our friends (the one I just mentioned) decided to have their wedding photos taken here. My husband was also there for that photoshot, being the best man and all. Since then this place has often been our stop. It is still under contructions (more than four years and counting) but its grows more beautiful with every visit of ours.  Read about my previous visits:   here (2016), here (2015),   here (2014), here (2013). It is in this location that I shoot my post about different ways to wear a scarf ( here ) and today I will show you another