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International giveaway post (Jexshop ) / Međunarodno Darivanje (Jexshop)

It is giveaway time! This  giveaway sponsored by Jexshop is international with free shipping worldwide. Jexshop is an online shop that specializes in selling women's clothing but on their site you can also find jewelry , shoes , phone cases and bags . I noticed while browsing their site that they also offer   plus size clothes and I think that is wonderful.  I was thinking of ordering something for my mother who is very tall so it's lovely to know that there is a wide selection of clothes that are available in plus sizes. You can win whatever you like from their page for this giveaway, but I have selected a few items that I like just to give you some inspiration.                                              RULES FOR THIS GIVEAWAY The rules for this giveaway are quite simple. The participants should comment on the item they want to win and include the link to that item in the comment they will leave on this post. In addition,  you should like Jexshop facebook pa

Little grey dress (outfit post) / Siva haljinica (odjevna objava)

What to wear to a beach? This is my answer. I guess I'm just not a flip flops kind of girl. I always liked this little grey dress. I hand painted it last summer with textile paints but I'm thinking of making the print I painted a bit more visible. Or should I keep it more subtle? Decisions, decisions.... The photographs were taken despite on my way back home from the beach in Split city, Croatia. Što nositi na plažu? Ovo je moj izbor. Valjda jednostavno nisam tip za japanke. Uvijek sam voljela ovu sivu haljinicu. Oslikala sam je sama prošlog ljeta s tekstilnim bojama, ali razmišljam o tome da ovaj uzorak napravim malo vidljivijim...ili je bolja suptilnija verzija? Odluke, odluke....Fotografije su uslikane na povratku s plaže u Splitu.