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Pencil Drawing (The Making of): Outfit Post + Illustration (location Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Old Town and Bridge)

Today I'm sharing  an outfit post and a pencil drawing. The drawing in question was inspired not only by the outfit I wore, but by the location as well.  When it comes to this drawing, the Old Town and the Old Bridge are drawn in quite a detailed way.  The location was a big part of what I tried to depict, so it's  not a typical fashion illustration.   It took me a long time to finish this one, as there were many details to capture. I included quite a few  photographs of the so called WIP that is 'work in progress' because I know that a lot of people enjoying seeing the process of drawing. As far as the outfit goes, it is a pretty candid representation of what I wear when it gets quite cold. Nothing beats a nice long puffer on those cold days, right? I don't know if you can tell (though the cap and the gloves I'm wearing are a pretty good indication), but it was quite cold when these photographs were taken. Apart from the cold, there wasn't much els