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Details from my home (Easter edition) / Detalji iz moga doma ( Uskršnje izdanje)

Details from my home is not a very frequent feature on my blog (for a number of reasons). For one, the decor in my home doesn't change that often. Moreover, I often include photographs from my home when I do book reviews or when my publish my art. So, you see bits of my home anyway. However, this Easter I did some home made decorations so it seems like a good idea to share them here. In addition, I wanted to show you how I decorated my Easter eggs this year. I tried many different techniques but my favourite one is a traditional one. This traditional technique  consist from decorating the eggs with plants ( the eggs are placed in a pair of tights to secure the plants in place) and then cooking the eggs in onion peels so you get this (in my opinion) absolutely gorgeous colour. If you want to see the results of this traditional method, scroll down.  If you want to see my previous post from this (Details from my home) feature you can check them out here , here  , here and  here