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Can you save a penny by reading blogs? Može li se uštedjeti čitajući blogove? ( New paintings and one review / Nove slike i jedna recenzija)

Can you save a penny by reading blogs? I think one can save quite a few pennies by reading blogs...and I'm not talking about discounts or giveaways a blog reader might benefit from. I admit that the penny I'm talking about is more methaphorical. I'm actually referring to that that famous ‘a penny for your thoughts’ saying. For isn’t blogging (and hence blog reading) often all about reading what other people have on their mind? Do you want to know what is on my mind?  Hemingway and gender identity/roles, Jung and his poetic passage about love, Dracula and some newer works in the genre (one of them is this one ).  Two documentaries on fashion that I saw and forgot to write about. What to cook for lunch today? What should I paint today? Naturally, I’m also thinking about what I should post today…on this as well as on my other blog.  Sometimes it is hard to decide how much to share. How many words should an ideal blog post have? How to know when an article is too long? How m