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Is Reproduction Painting a Good Way To Improve One's Painting Skills? My Experience Painting Reproductions

 Can reproduction painting help us improve our painting skills? Yes, I think it can. I definitely believe it can be very helpful in improving our skills. When I first started attending art classes and signed up for an art course, I didn't particularly enjoy reproduction painting. Copying someone work seemed like the most tedious thing imaginable for me. The whole point of visual art, I reasoned, was to put one's own ideas and designs to paper/canvas. With reproduction painting there is no surprise element- that's what I thought anyway. Knowing what the painting was supposed to look like seemed terribly limiting and almost claustrophobic to me. Quite frankly, I couldn't understand what is the use of  it, the purpose behind reproducing someone's else work.  Now I understand how and why I was wrong. There is a reason why the act of painting reproductions plays an important part in most art courses/ art workshops. I'm sure that I wasn't the only one who fe