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Hello dear readers! I'm  very excited  to share a new canvas painting with you. This painting will take you to Hvar town. In the centre of this painting there is a 12.5 meters long traditional wooden fishing boat and in the background you can see Hvar town (where we first spotted this boat about a year ago). Moreover, this painting with mark my tenth post in TRAVEL WITH MY ART series. I created this series as a way of virtually travelling with the help of my paintings and illustrations. Naturally, I will also share our photography, especially when it comes to reference photographs. It is my goal to use art as a way of showing an additional and perhaps a bit more personal view of some place. While I enjoy photography a lot, I think I'm more a painter than a photographer.   I invested a lot of time and effort into this painting. I would say that I invested around 70 hours of work  into it. It was also a little nerve-wrecking because I wanted to get it just right. I often feel a b