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Four DIY items in one outfit (necklace, belt, pom pom sandals)/ Četiri stvari koje sam sama izradila u jednoj odjevnoj kombinaciji ( ogrlica, remen i sandale s pomponima)

This outfit is all about DIY. I made both this faux leatther necklace and this belt with fringes myself. They were both made from an old faux leather coat. I also decorated the bag with decoupage flowers. Moreover, there is one more fun DIY project. You will see that I'm wearing two pair of shoes in this post (sneakers and heels...and isn't it interesting how the choice of footwear completely transforms an outfit?)... Now, about the heels. They were my wedding shoes, so this pair of sandals is very special to me. I decided to breathe new life into them by sewing pom poms on them. That goes to show how much I love pom poms. All the DIY tutorials I saw includes glueing, but I oppose glueing on prinicple ( ok, that's not really true, I may  just happen  to be too lazy to go out and buy glue) so I decided to sew pom poms onto my sandals. That proved a bit difficult, but I'm happy I choose the harder way because now I'm sure they will stay there. That would be all fo