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Autumn (outfit post) / Jesen (odjevna objava)

Yesterday as the sun was setting in beautiful Mostar, I was reminded (probably by the mild temperature) that it is still Autumn. The climate in Herzegovina is not a lot different than to what I'm used to. Moreover, the temperature today was more than mild, it was warm. Nevertheless, I can feel the festive spirit in the air. In most religions, December has a special meaning. Perhaps, we are all looking forward to the days becoming longer or maybe just maybe there is really something magical about this month. Now, about the outfit. I'm wearing a dress that I have embroidered myself. Another thing that deserves mentioning is this lovely second hand leather bag that I was given recently (an early Christmas gift). I'll be wearing it all the time so you'll get a better view of it sooner or later...and if you're wondering about the guy standing next to me in that shot- that would be my husband. I will steal that jacket o