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Asymmetrical bob (hairstyle illustration) / Asimetrični bob (ilustracija frizure)

EN Besides illustrating clothes,  there is something else I enjoy illustrating and that something else would be- hairstyles. Why not? You know what they say. Hair is one of the first things people notice about us (apart from our faces). Women have a special bond with their hair. Perhaps they always have had. Most old European societies believed that female hair is magical, hence it was expected of a married women to bound her hair. Walking around with one's hair loose was something that simply wasn't done if you were an adult of feminine gender. Today we can wear whatever hairstyle we want. Or can we? Well, in our free time we can wear whatever hairstyle we want, but some work places have strict rules about grooming and allow only certain hairstyles. However, it is not like someone is going to accuse us of witchcraft if we let our hair loose. So, we're pretty much free to do what we want with our hair- in our free time at least. HR Osim ilustriranja odjeće, volim

Blue tears, red crown (painting of the day) / Plave suze, crvena kruna (slika dana)

Today I'm posting a relatively new painting. The medium is watercolour on cardboard. It is no revolutionary technique. It is just that when I use up all the paper in a sketchbook, I tend to paint on the covers that are made from- well cardboard.  The last painting I created in this way was this one . Besides it being practical ( I hate being wasteful), I like the cold grey tones of your typical cardboard. I plan to make a series of drawings on cardboard ( I love those done on grey paper with lots of white pencil on emphasis) but I have to find time first. Sometimes I find the whole painting process almost annoying. At times, it is very energy draining and frustrating. Are those rarely moments when I'm actually happy with something I made worth it? I'm not sure. I guess that time will tell.  Are you surprised to read this? People usually have such romantic ideas about painting. The reality looks more like this: chronic back pain, neck pain, wrist pain and an emptier w