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Shoes are boring, wear sneakers (outfit post/ odjevna kombinacija)

'Shoes are boring, wear sneakers', instructs the ad for converse sneakers. Point taken. I've worn sneakers quite often this summer and I plan to continue doing so. I've never actually bough a pair of converse sneakers but I've had plenty lookalikes over the years. I guess I just don't feel like spending more than 5 euros on a pair of sneakers made from denim. Sorry. ( I'd much rather buy a few more books to add to my home library.) Anyhow, wearing sneakers only makes sense. Not only are they comfortable but they have been fashionable for a while now (as you all undoubtedly know). In the summer they're very suited for those long walks and as it is still summer in Croatia and it will be until the end of this month (minus a few rainy days now and then) I say yes to sneakers!  This outfit  was granny approved. You see my grandmother said I should wear short dresses and skirts more often...and when they say old people are old-fashi